kids and students 8am & 9:30AM

Grove Kids Sunday School
3 year old – 5th grade
Lenae Bell – Director of Children’s Ministries  -
A vibrant children’s ministry program with weekly engagement to ensure your child’s spiritual development with age appropriate Bible study.

Grove Students Sunday School
6th grade - 12th grade
Training up the students of today to make an impact on their world.  This is a community of believers and students that are obsessed with Jesus!  They are relationally oriented and believe that true life change only happens through relationships by the power of God!

8am adult classes

Deeply Rooted

who: young/middle age adults

where: old sanctuary

Friends and Followers

who: 30s-50s

where: C204 (upstairs)

Faithful Servants

who: empty nesters

where: fellowship hall

9:30 Adult classes


who: college age students

where: C203 (upstairs)

The Difference

who: middle age adults

where: old sanctuary under balcony


who: young adults

where: C202 (upstairs)


who: young/middle age adults

where: C201 (upstairs)

Kingdom Seekers

who: young/middle age adults

where: B102

JOY Rising

who: women only

where: C204

New Covenant

who: 30s - 50s

where: C101

Rock Solid

who: empty nesters

where: C104


who: retirement age

where: C102

J.O.Y Class

who: senior saints

where: B103


who: senior saints

where: B101

The purpose of Sunday School is to provide fellowship that builds relationships that lead to discipleship.